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Why Choose Market Drive™

#1 Single Best Tool! 

Ask any assessor who uses Market Drive and they will tell you it is the single most important software package that they use. This comprehensive computer program takes care of your real estate, personal property and monthly municipal permit fee (mobile home) assessment needs. It implements all three approaches to value.

Market Drive™ takes care of so many time consuming administrative tasks like:

  • Importing sales electronically from the eRetr system
  • Sending all data for all sales electronically back to the PAD system
  • Filling out the MAR, TAR, ECR and the DOR’s AAR
  • Producing a comprehensive Annual Assessment Report (much better than the DOR’s fillable form) to give your municipality
  • Electronically exchanging data with a county

How much time are you spending on these tasks? Think of the time you will save being able to complete each of these with a few mouse clicks!

Market Drive™ was developed by Wisconsin Assessors for Wisconsin Assessors. It embodies decades of work to automate that which is most important to Wisconsin Assessors. It is simply the best CAMA software for Wisconsin, period. But that is not the only reason to choose Market Drive™. Of equal value is the knowledgeable, caring and extremely dedicated people behind the company and the product. They ensure that the software is updated regularly and that support is provided promptly. All this means that Market Drive™ will help you do your job better and faster… guaranteed. This is why you should choose Market Drive™.

Since Market Drive™ is written exclusively for municipalities and contract assessment firms in Wisconsin, you can be assured that Market Drive™ will deliver regular and timely updates in response to changes in Wisconsin laws and regulations. We also deliver regular updates to take advantage of new opportunities to automate time consuming tasks. As an example, we were the first CAMA software to automate the exchange of sales and assessment data with the WI Department of Revenue and we do it better than anyone else. Not only are we the only CAMA software package capable of producing the WI Department of Revenue’s Annual Assessment Report (AAR), we produce a second, better quality and more comprehensive version of the AAR that you can give to your municipality. We do this because it matters and we care. Does your current CAMA software company care enough to provide the same level of support and quality?

We are proud to tell you that more municipalities and contract assessment firms use Market Drive than all other CAMA software packages combined. Nearly 70% of all municipalities in Wisconsin are assessed using the Market Drive™ CAMA software.

We deliver what we promise and we back it up with a 100% money back guarantee. This should give you great confidence that you really cannot go wrong choosing Market Drive. Why take your chances with anything else? Contact us today!

Market Drive vs other Wisconsin CAMA products

In a nutshell, you will find that Market Drive™ is far more advanced than all other CAMA products designed and built for Wisconsin assessing.

Most do not go much beyond implementing the cost approach found in the Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual Vol II. This means:

  • Little or no support for the cost approach for commercial buildings
  • Little or no support for the sales comparison approach
  • Little or no support for the income approach
  • Little or no support for personal property assessments
  • Little or no support for monthly municipal permit fee (mobile home) assessments

In addition, most do not have the ability to comply with the electronic records requirement or even measure the level of compliance.

The reporting is usually pretty basic. This means that some of the more arduous tasks like State reporting must be done manually. This includes filing the MAR, TAR, ECR and AAR as well as providing assessment data to the PAD system.

Entering sales data, providing assessment data to PAD and performing a ratio study is often manual as well. If there is any support at all, it is usually limited to sales of a single parcel (no support for multiple parcels) and no ability to use all arms-length transactions in a ratio study.

The bottom line is that choosing any other CAMA product designed and built for Wisconsin will mean doing more things manually and without the quality controls found in Market Drive. Using Market Drive will help you do your job better and faster.

Market Drive™ vs other Non-Wisconsin CAMA products

If you have ever tried to implement a CAMA software product from a ‘national’ company, you know what it is like to pay a lot of money, only to be disappointed when the software does not work well and promises do not materialize. Long implementation cycles (measured in years), features that do not work well and frustration is the norm.

Not so with Market Drive™. Our implementation cycles are short (measured in months), we deliver what we promise and we back it all up with a 100% money back guarantee. Simple right? So why doesn’t your current CAMA provider do this? Why take your chances with anyone else? The best solution for Wisconsin assessing is available right here in Wisconsin!