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Here are things our current users say about the Market DriveTM software and dedicated people that make it possible:

As one of the larger municipalities in Wisconsin, Green Bay has seen its share of software vendors.  I have been involved in the assessment profession for over 35 years and have seen many CAMA systems come and go.  When our previous software vendor decided not to support the software we were running, we had no choice but to look for a replacement.   We did an RFP and narrowed our field down to 4 choices.  My staff and I wanted a system that was currently running in Wisconsin and could easily migrate our data from our current system into the new system.  Every vendor promised that their system could do the job, and promised that they would modify it to however we wanted it to work, except Market Drive.  They already had a system that was up and running in over half of the communities in Wisconsin.  This was a working, evolving system whose developers listened to the clients and to the DOR and adjusted the program accordingly.  After factoring the cost in, the decision was a no-brainer.  We were up and running within 4 months while communities who went with another vendor are still waiting for a working system.  Andy and his team will always listen to suggestions and are truly concerned about making the assessment process better in our state.

— Russ Schwandt, City of Green Bay Assessor

Market Drive CAMA software is an incredibly versatile tool for a Wisconsin assessor. The software and the support provided by Jim Toth and Andy Pelkey are second to none. Their willingness to show us how to make the program work for the City of Fitchburg has been phenomenal.

— Dell L Zwieg, City of Fitchburg Assessor

Everyone in your organization that we have dealt with has always demonstrated good will, honest effort and an earnest desire to make things right. For that, I am both appreciative and grateful. I just want to thank you for your patient understanding and commitment to the profession, your product and your clients.

— Tim Kosteretz, former City of West Allis Assessor

Having never used any other software or doing the job manually, it is difficult to say this is the best product available, but this product has always been very easy to use. The support received from Andy & Lisa has always been top notch, and being a Wisconsin company, they have always been right on top of any added state requirements, continuing to strive to make our jobs easier.

The Village of Suamico has changed or updated numerous types of software over the 7 years I have been working with Market Drive. I would have to say that this program and all of the updates or new versions have always been painless compared to what others in the Village office have gone through with their software.

As we continue to improve our data entered into the system, we are also able to incorporate Market Drive into the Zoning Department, Building Inspection and even the Utility Department for ease of gathering information.

— Steve Dunks, Assessor for the Village of Suamico

There are many things that we love about using Market Drive: simple yet sophisticated features, outstanding and responsive customer service, and cost-effective programming options that have enormously reduced data entry hours.

Some of the many features that we love are: the ability to add a variety of notes to property records, very sophisticated filters to find specific data in our records, and the county/state direct functions so that we can import and/or export data quickly and easily

We highly recommend Market Drive to any assessor who is looking for a CAMA system that is easy to use while also being an incredibly powerful tool in the assessment process.

— Heather Wolf, Milde Appraisal Service

The first thing that comes to mind is excellent, I mean excellent, support.

Second would be the ability to customize the model(s) within. The ability to set up residential and OBI models to allow the assessor to make sensitive changes to the values being created. That’s great!

Next would be that it is tailored for Wisconsin assessors, not a canned program that may be used throughout the United States. The ability to send and receive assessment data directly from Market Drive to the various counties is very nice.

A key component of Market Drive is the integration with other programs allowing to attach photos, create building outlines and valuation of commercial properties.

I have been a Market Drive user since 1998 (18 years). I feel it is a very affordable program with pricing for any size of municipality or assessment firm.

— Mike Denor, Fair Market Assessments

I have been a Market Drive user since 2002 (fourteen years). Market Drive has been an important part of my business history. I have been able to get more municipalities to assess simply by showing the municipalities the professionalism of the software and the reports I can generate. Equally impressive is the ease of making Department of Revenue reports.

Market Drive combines real estate, personal property and municipal permit fee assessments into one program that is very user friendly (speed, accuracy and reports to verify data entry). The support system is excellent. Phone calls are returned the same day, usually within minutes. Their responses have proven to me over and over that the cost for support is very advantageous to my profitability and success. I feel Market Drive has helped me become a better assessor with more professional tools and records.

— Tony P. Kiel, Contract Assessor

I just looked at the assessment history in several of my municipalities and found that I have been using Market Drive since 1997.

Quite frankly, I cannot imagine trying to do this work without it. From importing and exporting rolls electronically to processing sales to complying with all of the new reporting requirements, it is indispensable.

— Don Herschleb, Assessor II

I have been using Market Drive since 1999. My first purchase was the bare minimum, but I quickly discovered the benefits of photo and sketching integration and updated the software that same year. I had previously created my own software for assessment work, but found that Market Drive far surpassed what I needed to use. Over the last 16 years, the staff at Assessment Technologies have been more than helpful with adding features that I’ve suggested and I love having the ability to manipulate the data to create my own reports, labels, custom letters and pretty much anything I can think of doing with the data.

I have been able to successfully complete several State Supervised Assessments in a timely manner with accurate data and sales information available immediately to assist with open book and Board of Review meetings. Having instant access to photographs of all the buildings and sketches makes my office run very smooth and having less paperwork to store is a real plus. I also love the ability to review past assessments at the touch of a button. The ability to import and export data to the county has eliminated many errors and the assessment audit feature eliminates a lot of data entry errors as well. As a past town supervisor, I also insisted that our township purchase Market Drive for our assessor to use. Market Drive is a wonderful product, one that I will use for as long as it is available.

— Cindy Chase, Elk River Appraisals

I have been using Market Drive since 1998. I purchased the software after a great deal of investigation as to what was available. I was looking for a comprehensive program that gave me not only an efficient alternative to the paper property record card, but I wanted an efficient CAMA tool, similar to what I was used to working with as an appraiser.

Market Drive not only offers those features, but has statistical features, good tracking features, and multiple sort and report options as well as so many other additional features I have not mentioned.

Over the years Market Drive has stayed on top the various changes in the assessment industry and has always met each new DOR requirement in a timely manner; typically before the DOR actually had the technology for their proposed changes.

This is the only program I would recommend!

— Valerie Baker, Rural Assessments

I have been using Market Drive since 2001 and I can’t be more pleased with the performance of the software as well as the tech support I receive when I have difficulties. I find Market Drive easy to use and many of the extra features (i.e. roll audit) are exceptionally useful. Market Drive does everything I need the software to do.

— Robert Christensen, Contract Assessor

As a person who is not good with computers, Market Drive has made the assessment process easier for me in many ways:

  • Filing of the annual report….no more hunting for why the PP has changed.
  • Use value assessment on ag land….very quick.
  • Easy to send sales data to the DOR.
  • Easy and fast to send completed roll to the counties….this was a nightmare.

I know there are more reasons to use Market Drive in the assessment process and I have a long way to go to learn how to use the system more effectively.

— Jennie Martin, Badgerland Appraisal & Consultants

I have been using Market Drive for well over 10 years, and believe me, it is worth it. The real estate module, personal property module and the municipal permit module are state-of-the-art.

The filters and queries you can build are amazing. And the best thing: software updates are delivered as needed.  I cannot tell you how great that is; no waiting for a whole year for small changes.  Updates are made throughout the year, with new software on an annual basis. Market Drive keeps up with State Agency changes as well as County Mapping and Real Property Listing offices changes, so you are always able to get the work done on time.

And, oh my gosh! The reports are fantastic! No un-trackable value errors with the terrifying thought that “Now I can’t find it!” All reports can be saved in 5 different formats, and believe me I have had to save different things through the years, in all 5 formats.

As an assessment technician who has to have answers to questions BEFORE they are asked, I would recommend Market Drive for any assessment office.

The technical and programing support is terrific: quick response to all my questions, even when I am asking questions which make perfect sense to me but make little sense to most software programmers. The “What’s New” documentation is really fantastic; I know what has changed with every software update that is published throughout the year. Even if I haven’t done a procedure, which may have been changed a couple months ago, that document is there if I need it. Thanks Assessment Technologies!

— Peggy J Tong, City of Sturgeon Bay Assessment Technician

The Village of West Salem began using Market Drive in 2015.  I was immediately impressed with how complete the software is, how user-friendly the program is, and the open and transparent aspects of Market Drive.  We have two computers set up as “viewer only”, which can receive database updates over the internet from our assessor. As the assessor updates real property, personal property, and municipal parking permit information in the program, I am able to access the new information as soon as I retrieve the updated database.  The program features public viewing via a link on our Village website.  This is a great public service and saves phone calls to our office.  Any and all technical support and user assistance is acted on promptly and easily via a remote access.  I would highly recommend Market Drive to municipalities and assessment firms contemplating a change and purchase.

— Teresa Schnitzler, Village of West Salem Administrator

As a new assessor, I needed to purchase a software package that I could afford and one that I would be comfortable using.  Upon receiving my first contract, I immediately purchased Market Drive.  They helped me get everything set-up and were there to answer questions. I’m happy to say that I have had no issues at all with Market Drive and have been extremely happy with the superior service.  I would recommend Market Drive to anyone looking for something that can do “everything”!

— Bridget Jeske, Contract Assessor