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System Requirements


There are no special hardware requirements to run Market Drive. Any desktop, laptop, notebook or tablet that runs Microsoft Windows reasonably well will run our software reasonably well. The minimum screen resolution is 1024 x 768 pixels.

Operating system

Market Drive is an application that runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system (a.k.a. “thick client”). We support Microsoft Windows Version 7 or later.

We recommend using a 64-bit Windows operating system, but it is not required to run Market Drive™ which is a 32-bit application. A 32-bit Windows operating system cannot access more than about 4 GB of RAM which it has to split between all running applications. A 64-bit Windows operating system can utilize a lot more RAM which means it has more to divide amongst each running application.

You will be happier with a 64-bit Windows operating system with lots of RAM, especially if you like to have many applications open at one time. Many of our users have multiple instances of Market Drive™ open at one time.


The Large Municipal Edition stores its data in a Microsoft SQL Server database. The Small Municipal Edition and Professional Edition store their data in a Microsoft Access database. Some data (such as photos, sketches and file attachments) are stored outside the database on your local hard drive or network file server (you choose where to put them). We support Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and later.

Internet Connection

An internet connection is required to receive software updates and to use various other features like sending data to/from the state or county governments. An internet connection is not required for listing, classifying and valuing property. If you live in a rural area with poor internet service, you may find yourself going into town occasionally to download software updates and use some features.

Known incompatibilities

Market Drive™ is a 32-bit application using the 32-bit ODBC drivers for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access. Market Drive™ is not compatible with any 64-bit version of Microsoft Office because the 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office install the 64-bit ODBC drivers which are incompatible with the 32-bit ODBC drivers used by Market Drive™. Microsoft does not recommend using the 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office unless you have a need for this version.

In addition, Market Drive™ uses the Microsoft Access 2010 runtime engine which is incompatible with older versions of Microsoft Access. Some versions of Microsoft Office (like Microsoft Office Professional 2007) include Microsoft Access so the Microsoft Access feature of Office 2007 or older may need to be uninstalled in order to use Market Drive™.