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Market Drive™ Editions

Market Drive™ comes in 3 editions for doing assessment work and 2 editions for view-only access to property records.

The 3 editions meant for doing assessment work are:

Large Municipal Edition – Best for large municipalities with their own assessment staff.

Professional Edition – Best for contract assessment firms that do assessment work for many municipalities.

Small Municipal Edition – Best for smaller municipalities who want to maintain and control their property records in a single, stable comprehensive software package and share that license with their current assessor, thus ensuring no loss of data when they switch from one assessor to another.

The small municipal edition can also be purchased by assessors who do a few small municipalities that do not already have their own CAMA software. Sometimes purchasing this edition can be less expensive than the professional edition. In addition, purchasing the software for one small municipality can be great way to get started with Market Drive™.

All editions have everything an assessor needs to get the job done right. The following chart shows the difference in features between these three editions:

Feature (partial list) Small Municipal Professional Large Municipal
Type of license Annual Annual Annual
Number of computer installations 3 computers Site license Site license
Real Estate Assessments Yes Yes Yes
Personal Property Assessments Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Municipal Permit Fee (Mobile Home) Assessments Yes Yes Yes
Income Approach Yes Yes Yes
Digital photo integration Yes Yes Yes
Sketching integration* Yes Yes Yes
Import sales from eRetr system Yes Yes Yes
Send data to PAD system Yes Yes Yes
Automated ratio study Yes Yes Yes
Generate the MAR, TAR and ECR Yes Yes Yes
Generate the AAR (both versions) Yes Yes Yes
Exchange data electronically with county Yes Yes Yes
Web publishing of basic property info at Yes Yes Yes
Integration with web-based maps Yes Yes
Custom reporting* Yes Yes
Check data in and out Yes Yes
Advanced statistical analysis* Yes Yes
Data stored in Microsoft SQL Server* Yes
Public data distribution tool to send public property data to any 3rd party Yes
Advanced mapping integration* Yes
Address Delivery Point Verification ** Yes

**    This feature uses a 3rd party provider. The integration is included in Market DriveTM but a usage fee to the 3rd party provider is required.
*       This feature requires 3rd party software. The integration is included in Market DriveTM but the actual third party software is not.

The 2 editions meant for providing view-only access to property records are:

Municipal Viewer – Best for internal users at a municipality such as a clerk. This edition provides municipal employees with access to public and non-public data as well as a large variety of reports.

Public Viewer – Best for providing public access to records at a “counter”. This edition provides public users with access to public data (only) and a limited number of reports.

Website Access – Information can also be made available to the public via and The Market DriveTM software can send data directly to these sites. Basic web publishing is included with all editions. Enhanced web publishing requires an annual fee.