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Year after year, more Wisconsin Municipalities and Assessors use Market Drive™ than all other CAMA software packages combined.

Market Drive™ will help you do your job better and faster.

Market Drive™ is so good that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Is your current CAMA software good enough to have a money back guarantee?

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Assessment Technologies was established in 1996 to develop a new CAMA software package for the State of Wisconsin. Prior to that, the other CAMA software packages written for Wisconsin were too basic. Those written by non-Wisconsin based companies were too generic and too expensive. So, Assessment Technologies of Wisconsin was formed with the singular goal of building a reasonably priced CAMA software that ‘fit like a glove’ to a Wisconsin assessor. The Market Drive™ CAMA software we offer today is the result of decades of work. It is built exclusively for Wisconsin and is a far better value than any other CAMA software package available.

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